Идеята на този сайт е да бъде онлайн наръчник за вашето безопасно пребиваване в планината. В него ще откриете полезни статии и интервюта, свързани с планината и планинските спортове. Enjoy!

“The more time you spend in the mountains the more you will realise that the mountain environment is a “law unto itself” – one minute you are putting on suntan lotion, and the next there is a howling gale blowing. Knowledge is power – the secret to being safe is to understand the mountain environment and to be prepared for anything it can throw at you.
Mountaineering encapsulates the ideology that you should be independent and self-sufficient. We do not have a right to be rescued by volunteer rescue teams and should not think that our safety is guaranteed by the emergency services. You should be prepared to return late or set up a bivouac – these situations do not necessarily justify alerting Mountain Rescue.”
Alun Richardson